Dire Beauty: Calling All Sacred Clowns

Dire Beauty: Calling All Sacred Clowns (Video & Audio Recording)

Watch the video below, or download*/watch on Vimeo here.
A recorded Trickster Training, at New Living Expo 2014 – yet completely pertinent to now!
Themes of Trickster Ingenuity, crafting blessings, and partnering with what we love.
“Oh spirit of the Compassionate Trickster Sacred Clown within each one of us, open the pathway before us that we may be of greatest good, contribute our medicine to the community, in ways that are most serious and dedicated fun.”
*How to download video: Go to this page on vimeo – on the right hand side, below the video player, to the right of the video title is a “Download” button on the right hand side of your screen. (The icon is an arrow pointing down at a line. After clicking download, you’ll be presented with video quality options. Just click the Download button next to the video resolution of your choice and it will save right to your computer.