Panel discussion on the issues surrounding the obscenity trial caused when Pacifica aired a reading of Alan Ginsberg’s poem ‘Howl.’|PANEL ON “HOWL” Lewis Hill, Pacifica’s first president, moderates a panel discussing the issues surrounding the obsenity trial precipitated by Allen Ginsberg’s controversial poem, “Howl”, one of the classics of the early beat generation. Participating in … Continued

Complete testimony of KPFA host and Sovietologist William Mandel before the House Un-American Activities Committee, San Francisco City Hall, May 13, 1960. William Marx “Bill” Mandel was a long-time KPFA broadcaster, political activist and author, best known as a Soviet expert.  His books, including “Soviet Women,” and the latest, his autobiography, “Saying No to Power … Continued

Pauline Kael (1919 – 2001) was an American film critic who wrote for The New Yorker from 1968 to 1991. Known for her “witty, biting, highly opinionated and sharply focused” reviews. Kael broadcast many of her early reviews on  KPFA. She married Edward Landberg, the owner of the Berkeley Cinema-Guild and Studio. Though their marriage soon ended in … Continued