Caroline welcomes the return of Subhankar Banerjee, one of the foremost protectors of The Arctic National Wildlife,Responding to threat with Trickster “Indigenuity” (thank you, Bob Gough, Dan Wildcat, Curtis Catawba for that word)Becoming like what we love to be its protectors. To protect wolves – become more like wolves to protect Arctic and Bear Ears … Continued

Caroline hosts Camilla Fox at Waxing Moon, waning year, to Winter Solstice, when Uranus, representing Nature’s Trickster Ingenuity stations to go forth, so we best be in dedicated cahoots with outer Coyote resonating our inner coyote…Yip-Yip!

Caroline’s scouting report from the Gray Whales of Laguna San Ignacio: May the playful loving forgiving hearts (weight = 285 pounds) of the Gray Whales inform and guide our hearts! and provide perspective whereby the petty posturing of humans, is revealed as ridiculous (Coyote) and dissolved (Ocean Beings) into humility when contrasted with the magnificence of … Continued

Caroline welcomes the return of Janine Benyus, natural sciences writer author of “Biomimicry.” Janine’s work reminds us that for every toxic insult we humans have imposed upon our home planet, there is an ingenious reverent collaborative solution that makes us weep and bark with delight. (e.g. solar cells that mimic leaves, agriculture that models a … Continued

Caroline is joined by long-time ally, Marine Acoustician Michael Stocker and senior scientist at the Ocean Conservancy, ardent ocean activist Wallace J. Nichols that our willingness and wonder to work with the seas may eclipse our rudeness as a species, at this wild time of fluctuating force-fields where all stories can be changed. Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D. ( is a … Continued