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Yvette Buigues · A Rowdy and Raucous Cawcus – Caw Caw Caw!

Yvette Buigues and Carl

Yvette Buigues​ will be Caroline’s guest today as we honor Flora Fauna and deepen our participatory animism…. that we may be worthy of our kin… as all chauvinism and human cruelty, war on life, are on trial now. Whatever our rogue species does to our kin, will happen to our community – So let’s renew our respect for life, by approaching the world with informed reverent curiosity, “What’s your story? and how can we cooperate?” Including Viruses, largely arising by our rogue species lack of respect for boundaries and home/habitat. April Fools Day – so we include Animal Humor!


Article featuring Buigues: The Crow Whisperer What happens when we talk to animals?
By Lauren Markham (Harper’s Magazine)


Her instagram accounts are FortheLoveofJefrey and heavy black line


April 1, 2021