The speech by Pastor Mike McBride was given the day the DA in Louisville Kentucky announced the Grand Jury ruling around the Breanna Taylor case.  Pastor Mike was not only speaking about the case but talking directly to elected officials who refused to pass laws to reign in rogue police. This speech was part of … Continued

As racial tension again flares across the country, Dr. Cornel West provides a clear portrait of King as a radical visionary. While King is currently recognized as a major leader in America’s civil rights movement, a transcendent orator and an insistent proponent of nonviolence, few realize how truly radical he was. Dr. Cornel West brilliantly … Continued

Hidden In Plain Sight: White Supremacy In Law Enforcement. Professor Alex Alonso about racist gangs residing within the Los Angeles police department. We begin with remarks from Compton’s Mayor Aja Brown about the L.A. County sheriff’s deputies violent arrest a young black man. Mayor Aja Brown – Professor Alex Alonso – Gang expert and … Continued

Rick Perlstein, who has devoted four sweeping books to chronicling the rise of the right in American politics. The first, Before The Storm, covers Barry Goldwater, the insurgent Republican primary candidate who galvanized a generation of movement conservatives. The second, Nixonland, covers the president who looked like he would be the end of the Republican Party. And … Continued

What Donald Trump Is Doing to You The culmination of 30 years of reporting on Donald Trump, The Making of Donald Trump is the recent New York Times bestselling book by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter David Cay Johnston. Now, in What Donald Trump Is Doing to You, the author takes a uniquely close look at … Continued

Excavating alternative and radical histories of San Francisco is Chris Carlsson’s specialty. He talks about the city’s role in the Underground Railroad; the enslavement of Native Americans; the 1966 Hunters Points uprising; the San Francisco Diggers; the Freeway Revolt; and more. Chris Carlsson, Hidden San Francisco: A Guide to Lost Landscapes, Unsung Heroes and Radical Histories Pluto Press, … Continued