We begin the year with inspiring, effective kick butt protection of life, as Caroline welcomes the return of indefatigable, dedicated ally – Diane Wilson, Sea Drift Texas fisher-woman-activist, recently triumphant, “This feels like Justice!” legal victory over Formosa Plastics! “TRLA said the $50 million settlement is the largest in U.S. history involving a private citizen’s … Continued

Caroline welcomes fellow maven, Nora Jamieson, author of ​deranged: three stories,​ about whom Gabriel Constans writes: “her ability to convey and appreciate the need to honor our grief, acknowledge our collective (and individual) actions, and the suffering they have caused, is deeply restorative and true.” Nora writes “Redemption = making something useful or beautiful out of … Continued

Defiant Beauty – at a time of Volatile Hyper-Yang Death Frenzy toxicity. More than perfectly, with Jupiter at the “Woman Activist gives rousing speech on behalf of the earth,” Caroline welcomes fantabulous ally, Seadrift, Texas mega-activist, fellow Council of Unreasonable Women co-cahooter Diane Wilson, that we may cover all things Texas, poisonous, explosive, and dedicate … Continued

Beauty out of Darkness… invoking Akhilandishvara! the goddess of the power that comes from being broken! Caroline welcomes Lily Yeh, author of “Awakening Creativity,” founder of Barefoot Artists whose encouraging work in Rwanda, China, Ecuador, Haiti, Ghana, Kenya, Syria, Italy, North Philadelphia etc. is dedicated to nourishing and animating redemptive beauty from broken lives. barefootartists.org … Continued

At this Dark of the Moon, (when traditionally elders would gather to determine the course of culture), Caroline is joined by ally Jane Fonda, whose re-emergence as a public advocate for dynamic Peace, is a heartening encouragement to us all. Let’s vow to dedicate our theatrical creativity to transforming the cruelty of war into compost … Continued