Feisty Women Collection

Sarah James & Carol Hoover · Preserve and Protect Life (2008)

Today’s powerful Mars Saturn conjunction in Virgo, invites us all to dedicate to our Medicine to preserve and protect life,
Sarah JamesCaroline welcomes Revered kick-butt Gwich’in elder Sarah James, live from her home on Arctic Village Alaska Sarah embodies dynamic dedication to her people and their kinship to the land, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, pitched to Americans as ANWR – but which the Gwitch’in know as the “Sacred Place Where Life Begins” For over 20 years Sarah has been speaking with fierce lucidity about global warming – and the sociopathic folly of drilling. She has been honored for her work, including being awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize.
Carol Hoover, Alaska environmental cultural preservation activist who co-founded, with Alaska Eyak Native Dune Lankard, the Eyak Preservation Council in Cordova, Alaska. Their work tells the story of the devastating effects of oil exploitation on habitat and Indigenous people from both ends of the trans-Alaska pipeline – from Prudhoe Bay to Prince William Sound, and guides us to participate in protecting all life.

With whom we shall address:
Current Supreme Court Exxon mis-judgment- how it effects all of our rights
Current multiple-bill Congressional assault on the Arctic Refuge


(July 10, 2008)