Albert Hofmann in America: Celebration 50 years of Consciousness Research Dr. Albert Hofmann was a Swiss chemist who first synthesized LSD, lysergic acid diethylamide. Part 1 of this event features talks by Terence McKenna, Stanley Krippner, Dr. Andrew Weil and John Lilly exploring the goals of the Albert Hofmann Foundation in raising human consciousness through … Continued

Part 2 of Albert Hofmann in America: Celebration 50 years of consciousness research features Dr. Albert Hofmann himself, Oscar Janiger and Terence McKenna. On the occasion of celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dr. Albert Hofmann’s famous bicycle ride when he inadvertently dosed himself with LSD: “You, my dear friends, and millions all over the world … Continued

In 1967 members of the Merry Pranksters and the Grateful Dead joined with Ken Kesey for a super acid trip in San Francisco. A microphone was in the middle of it all and the resulting recording represents a condensed portion of the twelve hour acid trip. While the trip starts weird, with an uncharacteristically square … Continued

Timothy Leary sat down with KPFA’s legendary program director Elsa Knight Thompson in 1966 for what would become one of his best-known musings on LSD. They discuss Acid’s potential for both good and bad and the genesis of the cultural meme “Tune on, Tune in and Drop out.”   PHOTO: By Dr. Dennis Bogdan – … Continued

The 1988 inaugural benefit for the Albert Hofmann Foundation featuring Timothy Leary speaking on consciousness research and the use of psychedelics.   PHOTO: [Polaroid photograph taken by Philip H. Bailey, Easter Sunday 1991, at the home of Dr. Oscar Janiger. From left to Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, and John C. Lilly, M.D.]  

Timothy Leary discusses his experiences with LSD-25 and the subsequent controversy over his research with the drug at Harvard University in this 1963 recording.   PHOTO: Leary arrest in 1972, by the DEA, originally uploaded on fi:WP, from, Public Domain,