A couple months ago, KPFA brought you a documentary on day to day life in a homeless community in Oakland near Home Depot in Fruitvale called The Community of Grace. That was a community that was more or less self-organized: the people there set rules, enforced them, chose who to let move in, and who … Continued

The Community of Grace: Addiction Support Services

Interview: Dr. Aislinn Bird, Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless The subject of addiction was one that came up in the course of our reporting on the Community of Grace. We wanted to find out what support services are available in Oakland, especially to people who are unhoused. So producer Lucy Kang spoke with … Continued

The Community of Grace: Markaya’s Audio Journal

Our project about the Community of Grace was to center the point of view of people who are unhoused, so we asked resident Markaya to keep an audio journal of her thoughts. This is what she had to say.  Produced and edited by Lucy Kang TRANSCRIPT Most people’s perception of the people out here perception … Continued

The Community of Grace

We are proud to premier the radio documentary “Community of Grace.” All across this country, and the world, homelessness is on the rise. KPFA reporter Lucy Kang spent months speaking with residents of the Community of Grace, an unhoused community in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood. This long-form audio documentary reveals the devastating circumstances many unhoused Oakland residents face and the incredible ingenuity with which their communities are surviving.

KPFA’s 2019 International Women’s Day Broadcast

Tune in Saturday March 9th for KPFA’s 2019 International Women’s Day broadcast! From 6am – 12 midnight, we bring you a mix of music, culture and her-stories celebrating the courage, creativity and contributions of some of the most vulnerable and most powerful women on our planet.