Richard A. Lupoff, former co-host of “Probabilities” and “Cover to Cover” died on October 22, 2020 at the age of 85. This podcast is dedicated to his memory and features a live radio program recorded in July, 1992 in which he, Richard Wolinsky and mystery author Shelley Singer review various books they’d read in the previous month.

Tea Obreht, author of the magic realist western “Inland,” in conversation with Richard Wolinsky. The author of “The Tiger’s Wife” turns her attention to the American west in a tale that encompasses ghosts and camels, and the hardscrabble life of frontier families.

Terry Tempest Williams, whose latest collection is titled “Erosion: Essays of Undoing”, in conversation with Richard Wolinsky. Terry Tempest Williams is an environmental activist and chronicler of the western landscape. “Erosion” joins several other books that explore climate change, feminism, death and dying in America, and overviews of the beauty of the American West.

Margaret Atwood discusses her novel, “Alias Grace,” in this 1997 archive interview hosted by Richard Wolinsky and Richard A. Lupoff. “Alias Grace” deals with an 1943 murder in Canada near Toronto, and its aftermath, a subject that intrigued Margaret Atwood for many years prior to the writing of the book. Originally a screenplay she expanded into a novel, it is one of the few works by Margaret Atwood based on historical events.

From the Probabilities Archive: Roger Zelazny (1937-1995), in conversation with Richard Wolinsky, Richard A. Lupoff and Lawrence Davidson, recorded December 7, 1979. Digitized, remastered and edited in August 2020 by Richard Wolinsky. One of the great sf/fantasy writers of the final quarter of the twentieth century, and a leading light of sf’s New Wave, Roger Zelazny was best know for his novel “Lord of Light” and his ten-volume “Chronicles of Amber.”