Don Winslow discusses his latest novel, “City on Fire,” a retelling of the story of the Trojan War and its aftermath, set in the world of organized crime in Rhode Island in the 1980s. He also discusses his political work and videos on Twitter. Hosted by Richard Wolinsky, and recorded in person at Book Passage bookstore on April 27, 2022.

Miranda July in conversation with host Richard Wolinsky, recorded in 2015 while on tour for her novel “The Last Bad Man,” which remains her most recent book to date. This encore podcast was first posted in December, 2015. “Kajillionaire,” written and directed by Miranda July and released in 2020, is now available on HBO Max and for rental via Apple TV.

Robert Stone (1937-2015), author of “Dog Soldiers,” “A Flag for Sunrise” and “Damascus Gate,” in conversation with Richard Wolinsky, recorded in the KPFA studios on April 25, 2003 during the book tour for “Bay of Souls.” Robert Stone won the Natonal Book Award for “Dog Soldiers” and was a finalist three other times, and twice was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

Paul Gordon, composer/lyricist for the musical adaptation of “Sense & Sensibility,” and other works, in conversation with host Richard Wolinsky. The composer/lyricist for the Broadway “Jane Eyre” in 2001, his latest work, “Sense & Sensibility” plays at TheatreWorks Lucie Stern Theater in Palo Alto through April 3, 2022. TheatreWorks previously produced his versions of “Pride & Prejudice” and “Emma,” making this the third element of his Jane Austen trilogy.

Wayne Wang, director of such films as “Chan is Missing,” “The Joy Luck Club” and “Smoke,” in conversation with host Richard Wolinsky. In this hour-long conversation, the noted filmmaker discusses, in depth, several of his movies, talks about his origins as a director, his work on Hollywood films like “Anywhere But Here,” “Smoke,” and “Maid in Manhattan,” his difficulties filming in China, his view of Chinatown and Chinese families, and much more.