The World Belongs to Storytellers Part II

Lily Yeh “Dedicated Acts of Beauty trump Tyranny and Restore Intimacy to the World”

Ile-Ife Guardian Mural Created in 1986 by Lily Yeh and The Village community (Philadelphia)

We Heal and Avert Disaster by Considering Beauty. Welcoming back Lily Yeh, among my favorite humans, and most inspiring radio guests, that Beauty be honored as the sine qua non of culture. ‘Tis art that weaves relationship into structure, that allows everything replenishing to then fill the community. Lily works with the broken parts of all of us to heal communities through art in Philadelphia, Haiti, Rwanda, China, Ecuador, Kenya, Syria, Italy, and is just now journeying to Palestine, that we all may be agents of the world blooming again at this time of Dire Beauty.

“Looks like a prison – must be a school.” (-great late ally Zen Master Wu Bong) …Lily inspires us all to be the antidote.


Originally broadcast April 10, 2014