Letters and Politics – July 31, 2017

Letters and Politics

A look at burning political issues and debates and their historical context within the US and worldwide, hosted by Mitch Jeserich.

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On today’s show host Mitch Jeserich interviews Charles Forsdick and Christian Høgsbjerg the authors of Toussaint Louverture; A Black Jacobin in the Age of Revolutions. Extract of the summary: “Heroic leader of the only successful slave revolt in history, Louverture is one of the greatest anti-imperialist fighters who ever lived. Born into slavery on a Caribbean … Continued

On today’s show host Mitch Jeserich interviews Alec Ryrie about the Protestants as a group you cannot avoid if you want to understand the world today. Alec Ryrie is Professor of the History of Christianity at Durham University and a licensed minister in his local church. An expert on the Reformation in England and Scotland, … Continued

Today Mitch Jeserich is in conversation with Elisabeth Rosenthal about her book An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take it Back. Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal was for twenty-two years a reporter, correspondent, and senior writer at The New York Times before becoming the editor in chief of Kaiser Health News, an independent journalism newsroom focusing on health … Continued

On today’s show host Mitch Jeserich interviews Brian Carso. Brian Carso, is both a lawyer and a historian. He is Associate Professor of History and Government at Misericordia University in Dallas, Pennsylvania. And the author of the book “Whom Can We Trust Now?: The Meaning of Treason in the United States, from the Revolution through the Civil War”.       … Continued

On today’s show host Mitch Jeserich is in conversation with Professor Laurel Lucia about the Republican Healthcare Bill.  Professor Lucia is director of the Health Care Program at the Center for Labor Research and Education at UC Berkeley. Then, Micth interviews Levi Laub who translated into English Maurice Rajsfus’s book The Vel d’Hiv Raid. Today is the … Continued

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