Letters and Politics – February 26, 2020

Letters and Politics

A look at burning political issues and debates and their historical context within the US and worldwide, hosted by Mitch Jeserich.

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A conversation with archaeologist and Marxist historian Neil Faulkner about the Russian Revolution. He is the author of the book A People’s History of the Russian Revolution. About the Book Faulkner debunks the myths that continues to shroud the Russian revolution, showing how a mass movement of millions, organized in democratic assemblies, mobilized for militant … Continued

A conversation with Stephen Greenblatt talking about the psychological roots, and the twisted consequences of tyranny from the study of Shakespeare’s tyrannical leaders: Richard III, Macbeth, Lear, Coriolanus, and the societies they rule over. Guest: Stephen Greenblatt is a Professor of the Humanities at Harvard University, a world-renowned Shakespeare scholar, and the author of several books … Continued

Today, we hear part two of Ancient Rome: From Republic to Empire series. In this episode, we continue our conversation with Edward J. Watts diving into what tore the ancient Roman Republic apart.  We talk about what happened in the more than one hundred years in which the Roman republic descended into chaos caused by factional fighting … Continued