A conversation with award-winning reporter Mary Jo McConahay about the fight to control not just the hearts and minds but also the resources of Latin America during WWII.  We talk also about the massive flight of criminals of the century, fascists with blood on their hands who escaped to the Americas. Guest: Mary Jo McConahay … Continued

Today the Trump administration finalized new rules that will punish immigrants who receive public assistance. This comes days after the largest immigration raids -since 2008 took place late last week at several Mississippi food-processing plants. We dive into immigration policy analysis with guest Cathi Tactaquin. She is the Executive Director and co-founder of the National … Continued

Today, we are in conversation with Pamela Haag about American gun culture and its influence on policy and gun market. Guest: Pamela Haag is an award-winning nonfiction writer, essayist, cultural commentator, and historian. She has written several books such as Marriage Confidential: Love in the Post-Romantic Age, Consent: Sexual Rights and the Transformation of American … Continued

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Fund Drive Special – Matriarchal History and Women’s Changing Influence in Society (Part Two)

Today we bring you the second part of our conversation on women throughout history with Max Dashu. She focuses on the appearances of women and their depictions throughout different mythology, focusing on the nordic legends. These women are often demonized, but their characters have power and can control the fate of man, giving women power. Dashu … Continued

Approximately 1.5 million years ago, women were revered as priestesses and honored for their ability to bear children. Archaeological evidence, such as ancient Venus statues, seems to support this. But by the late reign of the Roman Empire, there were movements to push women out and lessen their influence. When the Christian church rose to … Continued