Guest: Matt Grossmann is a Professor of Political Science and Director of the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University. He is author of several books including Asymmetric Politics and his latest Red State Blues: How the Conservative Revolution Stalled in the States. Guest: DD Guttenplan, Editor of the Nation magazine. … Continued

In her compelling exploration of language, archaeology, and early medieval literature, Max Dashu illuminates hidden cultural heritages. She shows that the old ethnic names for “witch” signify ‘wise woman, ‘ ‘prophetess, ‘ ‘diviner, ‘ ‘chanter, ‘ ‘herbalist, ‘ and ‘healer.’  Today we talk to Max Dashu about her book Witches and Pagans: Women in European … Continued

A conversation on the Luddites with Peter Linebaugh author of Ned Ludd & Queen Mab: Machine-Breaking, Romanticism, and the Several Commons of 1811-12. The book tells us about the anonymous and scorned 19th-century loom-breakers of the English midlands into the front ranks of an international, polyglot, many-colored crew of commoners resisting dispossession in the dawn … Continued

A conversation with archaeologist and Marxist historian Neil Faulkner about the Russian Revolution. He is the author of the book A People’s History of the Russian Revolution. About the Book Faulkner debunks the myths that continues to shroud the Russian revolution, showing how a mass movement of millions, organized in democratic assemblies, mobilized for militant … Continued