In light of the impeachment proceedings, we talk to David Cay Johnston about his perspective on the impeachment of Donald Trump. Guest: David Cay Johnston is an investigative journalist and author, a specialist in economics and tax issues, and winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize. He is the author of The Making of Donald Trump … Continued

Letters and Politics

The Republican Party and the Potential Impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Today, Mitch Jeserich talks with historian Geoffrey Kabaservice about the Republican Party, during a time in which its president Donald Trump is facing a potential Impeachment by the House of Representatives. His guest is the Director of Political Studies at the Niskanen Center and the author of number of books, including Rule and Ruin: The … Continued

Today, the chair of the house intelligence committee Adam Schiff announced the first opening hearings next week. Mitch Jeserich brings us an update on everything that is happening today on impeachment in Capitol Hill. Then, official historian of the Senate Betty Koed talks with Mitch Jeserich about how her and her office are doing right … Continued

A conversation with historian W. Caleb McDaniel about the life of Henrietta Wood, a black woman who was born into slavery, was freed and then re-enslaved, and then sued her captors and won, using that money to buy a home and put her son through law school. Caleb McDaniel is professor of history at Rice … Continued

A conversation with Frank O. Bowman on the History of Impeachment from the fourteen century on and how this history informs our understanding of the impeachment process with President Donald Trump. Frank O. Bowman teaches a seminar on impeachment at Georgetown law school and also teaches law at the University of Missouri, he is the … Continued

Today Mitch Jeserich talks to Letters and Politics’ host guest Max Pringle about the latest news on the impeachment inquiry including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s decision to hold a vote by the full house to formalize the impeachment. Then, a conversation with consumer advocate, lawyer, and author Ralph Nader about how the Democrats … Continued