Shut ‘Em Down 2024 + Monsour Owolabi

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Courtney from IWOC and Roc (a communication bridge for Jailhouse Lawyers Speak) talk about the 2024 Shut ‘Em Down prison strikes and outside demonstrations called for by JLS this December and the JLS transitional housing project. Then, Monsour Owolabi talks about solitary confinement as counterinsurgency and the need for Movement transitional housing.

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Don Bosco Park Defense in Bologna + Bernard Jemison on Conditions & Resistance in AL Prisons

This week, an interview with a radical in Bologna, Italy, about the defense of the Don Bosco park from cementization (redevelopment) by the leftist municipal administration of the city. This is followed by an interview with Bernard Jemison, incarcerated whistleblower at Holman Correctional Institution in Atmore, AL, about conditions in the Alabama prison system and recent calls to organize a strike by prisoners affiliated with the Free Alabama Movement

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Crime, Corruption, and Community Based Liberation in the U.S./Mexico Neoliberal Military Political Economy

Simón Sedillo, author of Weapons, Drugs and Money talks a little about his early days in media with El Enemigo Común, his book with a focus on intervention and integration from capitalist and military powers in the US, multinational banking and big pharma and the violence against and resilience of indigenous communities under that nation-state