Over the past year, several property insurance companies have pulled out or scaled back coverage in the Golden State in the face of growing risks from catastrophic, climate change-charged wildfires. Other climate vulnerable states like flood-prone Florida and Louisiana too, have experienced insurer pull-outs.But it isn’t just insurance companies that are pulling out. Other financial … Continued

Terra Verde is joined by guests Dr Marjaneh Moini of PSR-SF and Kathy Kerridge of 350 Bay Area Action to discuss the public health risks and environmental concerns arising from an emerging proposal to establish a carbon capture and sequestration injection site at Montezuma Hills in Solano County to ostensibly address carbon pollution from the … Continued

In Richmond, California, fenceline communities near the Chevron oil refinery are impacted daily by the fossil fuel industry’s influence over local politics and the economy, as well as by the environmental and health risks of living in an oil town. But in the face of industry negligence, pollution, food insecurity, and more, community activists in … Continued