Gas appliances (like stoves and heaters) produce over 50 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions in California annually. In this episode, Berkeley Vice Mayor Kate Harrison and Matt Gough join Terra Verde host Fiona McLeod to discuss California’s progress towards building electrification. Berkeley was the first city in the US to pass legislation to move new buildings … Continued

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Lithium, the Environment and a Green Constitution? Historical Moment in Chile Merits Global Attention

After an unprecedented street protest movement against inequality put Chile in the global media spotlight in 2019, the recent election of a former radical student leader to the countries presidency has once again turned all eyes to this South American country. As a process continues to write a new constitution that many are hoping will … Continued

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Humane Education and Solutionary Thinking

Humane Education is a field of study and an approach to teaching that draws connections between human rights, environmental sustainability, and animal protection. Zoe Weil, Co-founder and President of the Institute for Humane Education, and Andra Yeghoian, Environmental and Sustainability Literacy Coordinator for the San Mateo County Office of Education, join the show to discuss … Continued

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Tackling Overwork and Inequity at Environmental NGOs

Burnout has been getting a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. As the pandemic drags on, many people continue to face evolving workplaces,  navigate uncertainty around childcare and school schedules, and confront difficult choices about acceptable risk in practically everything they do. It’s no wonder that so many are feeling stressed and exhausted. … Continued

This episode of Terra Verde features field interviews with Contra Costa County residents with decades of collective experience in responding to the public health and safety threats of the Phillips 66 refinery in Rodeo, one of two San Francisco Bay Area refineries pursuing permits to convert their operations to high deforestation risk soy feedstock biofuels. … Continued

Across the world, more and more youth are taking to build more sustainable communities. On this show, hosted by Earth Island Journal editor Maureen Nandini Mitra, we hear from two such young people, who recently received the 2021 Brower Youth Awards for their work — Peter Pham, who organizes for Turnout4Transit, a coalition of environmental … Continued