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San Francisco Bay Area Biofuels Refinery Permitting Requires Scrutiny

This episode of Terra Verde features interviews with Ann Alexander, an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Greg Karras, energy systems scientist and founder of Community Energy Re-Source, describing the environmental review of the proposed conversion of the Phillips 66 Rodeo and Marathon Martinez SF Bay Area refineries to fossil gas intensive and … Continued

Terra Verde

The Toxic Oil Chemicals Used to “Clean Up” Oil Spills

Many communities that are impacted by oil spills also end up facing long term health impacts from exposure to toxic chemicals that are used in the oil spill ‘cleanup’ process, particularly dispersants –– chemical solvents that break floating oil slicks apart into tiny droplets that are more easily absorbed into the water column. Dispersants make … Continued

Terra Verde

Big Oil’s Big Lies

The fossil fuel industry has known about climate change for half a century. It has also known that the burning of fossil fuels drives climate change, and that public understanding of this fact would be bad for business. So rather than acknowledging the reality of the climate crisis, Big Oil took a different tact – … Continued

Lithium mining carries with it devastating environmental and social impacts, and a new documentary film from Argentina called En el Nombre del Litio is a ground breaking communications project capturing these cultural and environmental threats. To explore the dilemma embedded in the push for technological solutions to the climate crisis, Terra Verde is joined by … Continued