Lithium mining carries with it devastating environmental and social impacts, and a new documentary film from Argentina called En el Nombre del Litio is a ground breaking communications project capturing these cultural and environmental threats. To explore the dilemma embedded in the push for technological solutions to the climate crisis, Terra Verde is joined by … Continued

Terra Verde

The Politics of Climate Desperation and Tainted Narratives

As corporations and governments drive hard for ‘net zero’ and ‘carbon capture’ as a supposed climate solution KPFA Terra Verde is joined by writer and climate justice advocate Anthony Rogers-Wright to discuss his recently published essay Colonizing Calamity: Why Anglocentrism Exacerbates the Climate Crisis, in which he articulates the imperative of the climate community rejecting … Continued

Terra Verde

Sustainable Spirits: Looking into the Environmental Footprint of the Alcohol Industry – August 20, 2021

Earth Island Journal editor and Terra Verde host Maureen Nandini Mitra talks with author and oral historian Shanna Farrell about her new book, A Good Drink: In Pursuit of Sustainable Spirits, that looks into the environmental footprint of the spirits industry and highlights the work of a passionate group of farmers, distillers, and bartenders across the … Continued