The Pacific Coastal Temperate Rainforest is the largest swath of temperate rainforest remaining on the planet. Stretching more than 2,000 miles from lands bordering Prince William Sound, Alaska to a little south of San Francisco Bay, California, this forest is a important habitat for the region’s distinctive biodiversity and has long been a source of sustenance and cultural significance for coastal Indigenous communities. But a long history of logging, road-building and poorly-conceived government policies has seriously impacted the rainforest.

30×30 is an international movement to conserve 30% of natural areas, lands, and waters by 2030, in an effort to protect and restore biodiversity and mitigate and build resilience to climate change.   On this week’s episode, Terra Verde host Fiona McLeod is joined by Jennifer Norris, Deputy Secretary for Biodiversity and Habitat at the … Continued

In the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains and just a few miles outside of Gilroy, California, sits land that is sacred to the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. Known as Juristac, the Amah Mutsun lived on this land for millennia until they were forcibly removed. Today, a private investor group wants to develop a massive … Continued

Terra Verde

The Seductive Lure of Direct Air Capture Technology Delays the Clean Energy Transition

This episode of Terra Verde features an interview with a researcher from the organization Food and Water Watch describing their recent report on Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology titled The Dire Climate Consequences of Capturing Carbon from the Atmosphere. The episode exposes the highly celebrated but unproven climate geoengineering approach as being absurdly expensive, energy … Continued