Background Briefing (Monday, 5am)

Background Briefing (Monday, 5am) – April 15, 2024

Iran’s Theatrical Response to the Israeli Strike and the Fear of Netanyahu Escalating We begin with Iran’s almost theatrical retaliation against Israel’s first strike this April against its diplomatic compound in Damascus, which is clearly a limited tit-for-tat meant to placate Iran’s hardliners while giving Israel and its allies plenty of warning that the drones … Continued


Chris Bernadel on Haiti

This week on CounterSpin: U.S. corporate media’s story about Haiti is familiar. Haiti, according to various recent reports, has “whipped from one calamity to another.” The country is a “cataclysm of hunger and terror,” “teetering on the brink of collapse,” “spiraling deeper into chaos” or else “descending into gang-fueled anarchistic chaos.” It’s “become a dangerously … Continued