National Security adviser John Bolton invokes the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 to justify the United States meddling in Venezuelan affairs. Today we are in conversation about the history of the Monroe Doctrine, what it is, and how it has changed throughout the years. Guest: Grace Livingstone is a journalist and academic, specializing in Latin American affairs … Continued

We Will See Trump’s Tax Returns: David Cay Johnston Predicts Probes Will Uncover President’s Secrets; Trump’s New Budget Slashes Medicare and Bolsters Military in an “Attack on the Poor & Middle Class”; Justice for Stephon Clark: Protests Erupt as DA Fails to Charge Cops Who Killed Unarmed Black Father; and The Fight for Hampshire College: … Continued

Sing Out Features Indian Musician and Tabla Master Zakir Hussain

Sing Out welcomes guest Zakir Hussain, the world-renowned Indian musician and tabla master. He plays recordings from throughout his career, from classical Indian music with Ali Akbar Khan, to Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead and jazz greats including Charles Lloyd. And he discusses his March 31 (7 p.m.) concert at UC-Berkeley’s  Zellerbach Hall: “Zakir … Continued

Marking the eight anniversary of the devastating earthquake that rocked Japan and subsequent tsunami that created a disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, we are in conversation with Gregory Jackzo, head of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission at the time the Fukushima disaster occurred. He recounts the role he played in the American government’s response … Continued

Journalists, Lawyers & Activists Targeted in Sweeping U.S. Intelligence Gathering Effort on Border; “I Know No One More Patriotic”: Daniel Ellsberg Praises Chelsea Manning After She Is Jailed Again; Glenn Greenwald: Chelsea Manning’s Refusal to Testify Against WikiLeaks Will Help Save Press Freedom; and Greenwald: White House Spread False Story About Venezuela Burning Aid Trucks … Continued