Why was neoliberalism devised and introduced? What impact did the so-called Third World debt crisis have on poorer countries? Why have capitalists gone on what Vijay Prashad calls an investment strike? The historian, journalist, and author connects the dots in a new working document entitled “In the Ruins of the Present.” Resources: Tricontinental: Institute for … Continued

Trump Slams FBI & AG Jeff Sessions After Agents Raid Home & Office of His Attorney, Michael Cohen; “A Very Dangerous Moment”: Trump Threatens to Strike Syria as Warmonger John Bolton Joins Cabinet; Is “Sorry” Enough? Facebook Built Empire on Harvesting Personal Information with Little Oversight; Denver Post Revolts Against Its “Vulture” Hedge-Fund Owner & … Continued

Guests: Author, educator and activist Jaclyn Friedman discusses her new book, UNSCREWED, which documents groundbreaking work being done to change the sexual culture. Juana Alicia, one of the visionary artists who created the Maestrapeace mural that wraps the San Francisco Women’s Building, and Women’s Building Executive Director Teresa Mejia. Gene Nora Stumbough Jessen, one of the Mercury 13, women who … Continued

As teachers take to the streets especially in red states and in Oklahoma they began their second week of the strike, we talk about the economics of teaching with Sylvia Allegretto.  She is a labor economist and co-chair of the Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics at the University of California, Berkeley. Then we talk to Elizabeth Gillespie … Continued

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