Education Today – May 31, 2023

Education Today

Education Today is a radio show hosted by Kitty Kelly Epstein and Jaron Epstein that airs every Wednesday at 2:30 PM

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Education Today

Education Today – May 10, 2023

Hear James Garrett, one of the visionary leaders of the initial movement for Black Studies, Ethnic Studies, and the admission of Black and Brown students to four year colleges, talk with Kitty and Jaron.  We’ll discuss the play-fighting between DeSantos and the College Board about African-American studies, and Garrett’s advice for movement activists of the … Continued

Education Today

Education Today – March 15, 2023

Hear from one of the leaders of an Arab and Muslim group that has been struggling with the San Francisco school district to make Eid a holiday in the schools.  Why does it matter?  What has happened?  Are they winning?  What role does Islamophobia play  in the opposition?