Education Today – April 16, 2021

Education Today

Education Today is a radio show hosted by Kitty Kelly Epstein that alternates weekly and airs on Even weeks.

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Education Today

Education Today – March 19, 2021

Solidarity between those living with racism in France and the U.S.  Hear a U.S. graduate student and a  teacher from France dialogue about their organizing, their protests, and their hopes to end Islamophobia and structural racism in both countries. Support the protests all over  France on May 21 against new repressive laws.  

Education Today

Education Today – November 27, 2020

We talk about police brutality and oppression of Arab, Islamic, and Black people in France.  The French government has banned human rights groups and proposed oppressive laws that make it illegal to film and talk about certain things in the university! Trumpism across the Atlantic? Will U.S. movements show solidarity?