Education Today

Education Today – March 20, 2020

Hear about the longest and most successful student strike ever in the U.S.  Host of Education Today, Kitty Kelly Epstein and BSU Central Committee member, Bernard Stringer are interviewed by Dr. Kimberly Mayfield Lynch on the reasons for the strike’s success and its significance to the movement for educational justice

Education Today

Education Today – February 07, 2020

A young scholar talks about the participation of Stanford professors in the Eugenics movement, which was the bedrock of both U.S. racial education tracking and Hitler’s ideology about race.  Lewis Terman was a very important but little known figure in these developments in the Bay Area  We’ll also hear some up-to-date education news.

Hear two scholars discuss hot topics that impact U.S. students and their thinking.  Dr. Rochelle Gutierrez talks about rehumanizing mathematics and Dr. Earl Wright argues that W.E.B. DuBois and his colleagues at Atlanta University were responsible for the founding of Sociology, rather than the more conservative University of Chicago academics who are usually given the … Continued

Education Today

Education Today – September 27, 2019

Right now the education of Bay Area children is seriously affected by gentrification and displacement.  Many Black families in West Oakland have already been displaced, and now  John Fisher  (GAP owner; chair of KIPP Academies; owner of the A’s) plans a new high-end residential development of 3000 units on public (Port of Oakland) property.    … Continued