Comprehensive coverage of the day’s news with a focus on war and peace; social, environmental and economic justice. Supreme Court upholds law barring gun ownership for domestic violence abusers. Customs and Border Enforcement report fewer migrant encounters at border following Biden restriction asylum cases. Senate committee hearing on teacher compensation shows high turnover in the … Continued

Talk-It-Out Radio

Talk-It-Out Radio – June 21, 2024

A how-to and what-to-do program where skilled hosts welcome guests and callers to practice empathy, mindfulness, and effective communication. Do you want tools for connection, conflict resolution, and compassion for self and others? We explore skills, knowledge and resources to empower you to connect across differences.

Making Contact

Family Matters: How Communities Support Trans Kids in Conservative States

In 2023, Kirin Clawson’s endocrinologist placed a puberty-blocking implant in her arm, a medical intervention that is associated with improved mental health for many trans kids with gender dysphoria. In February, Indiana joined several other conservative states banning this treatment for minors. In the first of a two-part series, we hear from the Clawson family … Continued

Project Censored

The No-State Solution & The Case For Open Borders

In the first half of the show, Eleanor Goldfield speaks with professor and author Mohammed Bamyeh about the no-state solution, an idea rooted in Palestinian and regional history that speaks of legitimate liberation in the face of continued state-imposed oppression and colonialist violence. Mohammed also explains the origins and outgrowth of fundamentalism and the need … Continued

Economic Update

The Political Economy Of Tariffs

In this week’s Economic Update, Professor Richard Wolff devotes the entire program to an analysis of tariffs. We discuss why tariffs are not a worker’s issue, why capitalism’s continuous swings between free trade and protectionist periods and phases make little impact on workers, and why competing capitalists seek to get workers to support their positions … Continued