0:08 – Oil price war sparks financial panic Antonia Juhasz (@AntoniaJuhasz) investigative journalist specializing in oil, currently a Scripps Journalism fellow at the University of Colorado – Boulder. Her most recent book is Black Tide.  0:16 – What to do about a coronavirus recession Josh Bivens is the Director of Research at the Economic Policy … Continued

About Health

3/9/20 Shaken Brain

Nurse Rona will interview Dr. Elizabeth Sandel, author of the new book, Shaken Brain, The Science, Care, and Treatment of Concussion. There is much misinformation about how concussions occur, symptoms, the best treatments, and what some long term consequences may be. All people are at risk of concussions from falls, car and bike accidents, sports, … Continued

0:08 – Mondays with Mitch: Elizabeth Warren drops out of the Presidential race, tomorrow’s Super Tuesday, Biden leading in the race and delegate count, and more. 0:34 – Recently fired Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick has threatened to bring legal action and publicly criticized the Police Commission and federal oversight, targeting the court-appointed monitor, Robert … Continued

Economic Update

Using Unemployment Against Workers

this episode is no longer available

Updates on high US maternal death rate, wealth inequality and the Pope,  #MeToo hits the banks, Macron and Black Rock plot French pension “reform,” dying Newsweek caught in corruption scandal using bible college. Interview Perf. Gertrude Goldberg on US unemployment, its social costs, and struggle for a universal job guarantee.

Governments across the world scramble to contain coronavirus as cases near 100,000. San Francisco announces its first two cases of COVID-19 coronavirus. Vice President Mike Pence says the U.S. doesn’t have enough COVID-19 testing kits. Nurses and health care workers say hospitals are unprepared for coronavirus. Democrat Elizabeth Warren ends bid for presidency, gives no … Continued

0:08 – Why were 2 big Bay Area transportation funding measures defeated? Hayley Currier is Policy Advocacy Manager with Transform (@TransForm_Alert), a green transportation and climate nonprofit, and joins us to discuss why voters turned down: Contra Costa County Measure J, a sales tax to raise $103 million for road and transportation projects Sonoma and … Continued

Today people in 14 states and American Samoa go to the polls for Super Tuesday. About a third of the delegates needed to secure the Democratic presidential nomination are at stake. This comes after former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the race on Sunday and Monday and … Continued

Flashpoints Presents: A Voter Clinic Call In Pre-Election Special

Today on Flashpoints: We present a voter clinic call in special, with voting rights attorney, Bill Simpich, award-winning investigative reporter, Greg Palast, and 48 Hills founder, Tim Redmond,  focusing not on who to vote for but how to make sure your vote is counted. We will also invite listener call-ins.