Hard Knock Radio

Affordable Housing

In the Hard Knock Radio conversation host Davey D spoke with Ayanna Davis of Healthy Black Families and Michael Trujillo of the East Bay Community Law Center, about the displacement of Black communities in Berkeley due to historical and contemporary housing issues. ### **Displacement and Economic Impact** The 2008 recession and the COVID-19 pandemic significantly … Continued

Join host Emiliano Lemus and guest Violet Moon for “Medicinal Ecologies,” an Herbal Highway series in which we explore the natural medicines present in California ecosystems. This month, we travel along California waterways, and discover medicinal plants of lakes, rivers, streams, bogs, and riparian habitats. Violet Moon is a clinical herbalist and native plant specialist … Continued

Law & Disorder

Basketball, Ascension, and Palestine w/ Hanif Abdurraqib; Plus Resistance in Residence Artist Favianna Rodriguez

On today’s show, we’ll be in conversation with the author of one of the most anticipated books of the year. The book is called There’s Always This Year: On Basketball and Ascension, and it’s a poetic love letter to basketball; also to being rooted in Columbus Ohio, where the author has lived most of his … Continued