Womens Magazine – June 25, 2018

Womens Magazine

This hour long radio program presents and discusses women’s lives and issues globally and locally from a radical, multiracial, feminist, mujerist, womanist perspective.

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Womens Magazine

Womens Magazine – June 4, 2018

  Chrystos is a Native American of the Menominee nation, born in 1946 and raised in San Francisco. A political activist and speaker as well as an artist and writer, she is self educated. Her tireless momentum is directed at better understanding how issues of colonialism, genocide, class and gender affect the lives of women … Continued

Womens Magazine

April 23, 2018: Struggling for Dignity and Liberation

Harassment at UC Berkeley Whistleblowers Vanessa Kaskiris, Zoey Lin and Sarah Fernandez tell the explosive story of systemic gender bias, discrimination and hostile work environment in UC Berkeley’s IT department. Indigenous Intercontinental Run for Dignity Nina Serrano speaks with Indigenous Chicana Vanessa Quesada about the San Antonio Peace and Dignity Journey, a seven month prayer run that happens once … Continued

Womens Magazine

Womens Magazine – April 16, 2018 – Jovelyn Richards hosts The Space Between Us

Jovelyn Richards host of Women’s Magazine: The Space Between Us talks with Dr. Charlene M. Brown.  Dr. Brown reveals her research title: FILLING THE GAP: HOW BLACK ADOLESCENT GIRLS DEFINE THEIR IDENTITIES USING A MULTIPLE CASE STUDY APPROACH. Dr. Brown asks Black girls/women how they feel about themselves in terms of class, color, and personal … Continued

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