Womens Magazine – May 27, 2019

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This hour long radio program presents and discusses women’s lives and issues globally and locally from a radical, multiracial, feminist, mujerist, womanist perspective.

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Womens Magazine

Womens Magazine – May 20, 2019 – Fund Drive: The Stonewall Era – Before, During and After

“The Hairpin Drop Heard Round the World” Jovelyn Richards host of The Space Between Us features the amazing Stonewall retrospective that Corinne Smith and others pulled together from Pacifica archival tape. Listen to the voices of people who were at the Stonewall 70 years ago when the bar was raided by a group of cops called the Moral Squad. … Continued

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Fund Drive Special: Socialist Feminism Past, Present and Future

In April, the Socialist Feminist Working Group of Philadelphia DSA hosted a gathering of 200 leftist feminists from all over the U.S.  It was the first explicitly socialist feminist national convergence in this country since 1975, when more than 1500 women gathered in Yellow Springs, Ohio for the first National Socialist Feminist Conference. Is socialist feminism … Continued

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Four Non-Moms (and one who is)

As people around the country prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, we contemplate the reality that U.S. women are having fewer children than ever before. What are the social conditions and personal decisions leading to this development, and how does it change our concepts of family and even of womanhood? We speak with Jenny Brown, organizer … Continued

Kimberle Crenshaw talks with #MuteRKelly co-founder Kenyette Barnes and Margo Okazawa-Rey talks with Kimberle Crenshaw about her work at AAPF and on intersectionality Two recent true-crime docu-series about the sexual abuse by well-known singers have rocked the mainstream world. HBO’s “Leaving Neverland” about Michael Jackson and Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” about  acclaimed  singer  and producer … Continued

We speak with two powerful artists: Nell Painter, a prominent historian and author of the New York Times Bestseller, The History of White People, didn’t do what many people do when they retire. At 64, after retiring from Princeton University, she entered art school, receiving a BFA from Mason Goss School of Art at Rutgers, … Continued

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Lights, Camera, Action! Feminist Films at SFFILM

SFFILM, the San Francisco International Film Festival, begins Wednesday, April 10 and runs through April 23 in multiple venues throughout the Bay Area. This year’s festival includes films by 72 women directors. We talk with director Janice Engel about her new film, Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins, and with Kristina Motwani, co-editor of Midnight … Continued

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Roderick Ferguson’s (Not) One-Dimensional Queer; Amy Foley Creates Feminist Dance

In his new book, One-Dimensional Queer (a homage to Herbert Marcuse), Roderick Ferguson counters orthodox portrayals of a gay movement narrowly focused on civil rights, and shows how queer liberation emerged out of various insurgent struggles crossing the politics of race, gender, class, and sexuality. Tracing the rise and fall of this intersectional politics, he argues that … Continued

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Jennifer Eberhardt Racial Bias; Anasuya Sengupta, inequality on the web – March 25, 2019

In the first part of our show we listen to a talk by Jennifer Eberhardt about  the dangers and effect of implicit  racial. bias in policing which is  inherently unintentional yet more pervasive than explicit bias but equally deadly.  Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt, one of the world’s leading experts on unconscious racial bias and the author … Continued

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Womens Magazine – March 18, 2019: The Space Between Us hosted by Jovelyn Richards

Today’s Space Between Us features two subjects. First Jovelyn discusses women and our minds with Barbara Berger author of Understanding How the Mind Works, Fast Food for the Soul and more.* Next Jovelyn delves into education and youth. Hilary Roberts of Peer Advocates Training and Consulting talks about empowering youth, schools and educators. Join Jovelyn and her guests  at the river for these interesting conversations. … Continued