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Womens Magazine – March 15, 2021 – Global Black Feminism

photo credit Tia Cross Listen to a kitchen-table conversation with Black transnational feminists Coumba Toure, Hakima Abbas, and Vanessa Thompson discussing the values, principles, and visions of global black feminism and the contradictions they face as they engage in the multifaceted activism. For more information see Why We Need Black Feminism Forum. Host: Margo Okazawa-Rey Click here to listen to the … Continued

In this hour we will learn about the radical socialist herstory of International Women’s Day with two American scholars, Eillen Boris, Professor at U.C Santa Barbara and Professor Premilla Nadasen from Barnard College. And while IWD doesn’t generate mass marches anymore in the U.S., Women’s Day is still an important day for protest and celebration in many places … Continued

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Exploring Transformative Justice Principles and Practices with Dr Xhercis Mendez

There have been many conversations and debates about defunding the police and abolishing prisons.  Also, currently there are official conversations about Black reparations. This past Friday,  Japanese American communities celebrated their Day of Remembrance for those imprisoned in  concentration camps during WWII. I  agree that we should abolish prisons and defund the police.  But our … Continued