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Exploring Transformative Justice Principles and Practices with Dr Xhercis Mendez

There have been many conversations and debates about defunding the police and abolishing prisons.  Also, currently there are official conversations about Black reparations. This past Friday,  Japanese American communities celebrated their Day of Remembrance for those imprisoned in  concentration camps during WWII. I  agree that we should abolish prisons and defund the police.  But our … Continued

Margo Okazawa-Rey aka DJ MOR Love and Joy (HAHA) broadcasts a LIVE CALL-IN show on Women’s Magazine, substituting for Vylma V. Friends CALL the KPFA Call-in Number: +1800-958-9008 Margo says: “What are you hoping for in 2021? More deeply, what are your yearnings—“things” that flow from the deepest parts of your being and existence. Today’s … Continued

As we are broadcasting today, and despite the threat of COVID, hundreds of thousands of Sikh and other Indian farmers are protesting in the nation’s capital New Delhi. In this largest organized protest in world history, over 250 million farmers, workers, and their allies are demanding the government to rescind the neoliberal “reform” laws that … Continued