Guests: Author, educator and activist Jaclyn Friedman discusses her new book, UNSCREWED, which documents groundbreaking work being done to change the sexual culture. Juana Alicia, one of the visionary artists who created the Maestrapeace mural that wraps the San Francisco Women’s Building, and Women’s Building Executive Director Teresa Mejia. Gene Nora Stumbough Jessen, one of the Mercury 13, women who … Continued

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April 2, 2018 – Mothers & Movies

Sandy Butler, coauthor of IT NEVER ENDS: Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters, talks about the challenges for women in remaining close – but not too close – to their daughters as they age. Butler is the author of two previous books, Conspiracy of Silence: The Trauma of Incest; and the Lambda award-winning Cancer in Two Voices. IT NEVER ENDS was … Continued

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Birthwork as a site of healing and transformation and IWD and Labor

Theresa Adams and Cat Petru of KPFA’s First Voice Apprenticeship Program guest host a special edition of Women’s Magazine in honor of Women’s History Month. Cat speaks with doulas, Megan Chadwick and Eri Guarjardo Johnson, about birthwork as a site of healing, transformation, and justice. Theresa and Cat simultaneously celebrate this month by illuminating women’s … Continued

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Adrienne Maree Brown – visionary social change

This Monday February 19th on KPFA Radio’s Women’s Magazine, Viveka Jagadeseen talks to author and activist Adrienne Maree Brown about how we can organize a resilient mass movement capable of creating fundamental social change in today’s political climate with an  understanding of social change inspired by the resilience and adaptive nature of biological systems, that is non hierarchical … Continued