Today on Women’s Magazine Kendall Crakow  speaks with Dori Varga, Hungarian Poet and Creator of the highly censored Instagram Account Heroine Journal, where she challenges societal taboos around the experiences of Womanhood and Motherhood including birthing, breastfeeding, menstruation, and constructed gender roles. We also speak with Kamilla Bello, Filipina Lebanese Visual Curator, Womb Worker, and … Continued

In this hour, we create space for the resilient stories and reflections of three Indigenous, Women healthcare workers and leaders who are deeply committed to advocating for health equity and health justice in the Navajo Communities they serve and call home. All of our guests are affiliated with The UCSF HEAL Initiative (Health, Equity, Action, … Continued

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Healing and Community

Today on KPFA Radio’s Women’s Magazine we look at healing and community. First we talk to Amber Sue Field about their workshops that provide healing through voice and music. And then we talk to Claire Ryan about how healing it is to live on Women’s Land.