Today’s show spotlights feminist activism and women in politics in Sudan and South Sudan. Yes, there are two separate countries now. South Sudan gained independence from Sudan on 9 July 2011 after a fifty-year long war.  Women played key roles during that time. Most recently, the protests that led to the ouster of Sudan’s president, … Continued

Womens Magazine

Frameline LGBT Film Festival

Today  we look at some of the highlights of the LGBTIQ Frameline Film Festival which starts this September 17th and runs through September 27th online.  We talk to Dominque Oneil about some of the really special female centered fiction films. And then we talk to three documentarians who have feature films in Frameline, Ashley O’shay, … Continued

News about the US military spreading COVID in Okinawa and Guahan has been reported on NPR, the UK Guardian, and other news sites. Today you have the chance to listen to long-time Okinawan feminist activist Suzuyo Takazato. She served as Naha City Council member, is a founder of Okinawa Women Act against Military Violence, and … Continued

This week on Women’s Mag, we ask: “What is the role of the artist in Revolutionary Socio-Political Movements?” hosted by Kendall Crakow. We’ll be in conversation with 3 very talented artists about their respective journeys in the time of Covid. They are Bay Area Native and PhilipinX Muralist, Sami See (@Samiseeart); Hawaiian Native, Reiki Master, and Mixed … Continued

Today I continue what has turned out to be a series on colonization, militarism, and their impacts on women. Today also marks the 67th anniversary of the armistice that ended the war on the Korean Peninsula so let’s keep that in our hearts. On past shows, my guests discussed Memorial Day, and US colonization and … Continued