About Health – April 22, 2024

About Health

A program designed to give listeners an opportunity to talk directly with experts in the fields of both traditional and non-traditional health, with Dr. Lenoir and Rona Renner, RN.

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About Health

3/25/24 Helping a loved one die

Join Nurse Rona and Mark Dowie, author, journalist, former publisher, editor of Mother Jones magazine, and editor-at-large of InterNation. They will discuss his most recent book, Judith Letting Go. It’s about his friendship with poet Judith Tannenbaum during the last months of her life.

About Health

3/11/24 Climate Mental Health

According to a survey conducted by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, one in 10 Americans report experiencing anxiety because of global warming. Join Nurse Rona and her guests, Anya Kamenetz and Matt Renner, to discuss why we need to talk about Climate and Mental … Continued