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12/27/22 Burnout

This episode, we discuss burnout: What is it and what can we do about it? And, we particularly zoom in on how burnout is affecting the healthcare community, as it continues to struggle against the realities of COVID-19, as well as how burnout is affecting college students, as they struggle with record rates of loneliness … Continued

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12/20/21 Dying Kindness

Have you thought about what your loved one will have to do when you die? Will they know your passwords, where your Will is, what your vision is for a funeral or celebration? Have you talked with your relatives about their advanced directives, or is it a taboo topic in your family? Join Cianna Stewart … Continued

Finding quality treatment for eating disorders is difficult, especially now during the pandemic when rates of eating disorders are even higher than before, and clinics have long waiting lists. Stigma and shame continue to be factors that slow down diagnosis and treatment, and can lead to serious medical problems. Join Nurse Rona and her guest … Continued

As we pass Thanksgiving and head for the new year, families and friends often spend a lot of time together. With such togetherness comes love, camaraderie, and support, of course. But, togetherness can also bring discomfort, disagreements, and animosity. And, whether we want to admit or not, sometimes we’re not completely innocent bystanders. We’re human, … Continued

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Eating, Embodiment, and Health

Join Nurse Rona and guest Elizabeth Scott, LCSW, to discuss the difference between the terms “body image” and “embodiment.” They will explore the many factors that can lead to an eating disorder and why treatment is vital to a person’s health and well being.  

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11/15/21 Thriving in the Second Half of Life

Whether you want to call it post-middle age, the second middle-age, or the new middle-age, life can, should be, and often is fulfilling, meaningful, and vibrant as people enter the second half of their lives. But, the post-midlife years also can be filled with distinct challenges, including ones related to our relationships, our work, and … Continued

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11/1/21 Are you connected to yourself?

“Are you feeling connected to yourself right now?” It’s kind of an odd question. But, according to our guest this week, it’s a question all of us should ask. She argues that our answers have the potential to lead to a greater sense of personal well-being, in a time when the enormous stresses and challenges in … Continued

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10/18/21 The Keto Diet

It’s the low carb diet that’s taking the world by a storm. Keto seems to be everywhere these days. Perhaps you’ve seen books and websites extolling its virtues, or noticed the increasing array of products declaring themselves keto friendly. What exactly is the keto diet? What’s going on in the body? Are carbs really that … Continued