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3/18/24 Nurturing Self-Compassion in Kids

Kids are under great pressure. In our daunting world, many children receive the message at a very young age that they’ve got to do everything perfectly in order to get ahead. They’re also looking at social media, comparing themselves to others, and often end up feeling not good enough, as a result. Self-compassion is needed more than ever. This episode’s guest has written a book that she hopes will help teach children to practice greater self-compassion, to be kinder to themselves in the midst of all the stress. We explore that book, how its story applies to our children, as well as what we adults can learn for ourselves. How does shame change the brain? How can self-compassion not only help make people happier, but also encourage them to be more compassionate towards others? And what can parents do about it? These are just some of the questions Host David B. Feldman talks about with psychologist, professor, and author, Dr. Shauna Shapiro.