Extended Report on the Biden Administration’s Brutal and Violent Forced Deportation of Asylum Seekers Back to Cameroon.

Today on the Show: We’ll feature and extended report on the Biden Administration’s brutal and violent forced deportation of desperate asylum seekers back to Cameroon: And we’ll feature an interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter, David Cay Johnston and Trump’s latest show down with New York’s Attorney General.


Code-Pink is Standing in Protest Against the War in Ukraine.

Today on the Show:: Code-Pink is standing in protest against the war in Ukraine with street actions and a poetry reading: Also we’ll talk to two Oakland Teachers doing a hunger-strike to save their neighborhood schools: Award-winning Photo Journalist David Bacon talks about his new traveling exhibition: “COMMUNITIES AND THEIR SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENTS” which OPENS … Continued

Is police power on the Rise in the US, despite the uprising that followed the brutal police murder of George Floyd: Will explore the concepts of Racial Capitalism and Copaganda. Also: The battle to prevent school closing in Oakland California moves to the streets: we’ll talk to a seasoned teacher on the frontlines. And A … Continued

Today on the Show: A MAJOR PROTEST IN PUERTO RICO AGAINST THE LOOTING OF THE POVERTY STRICKEN U.S. COLONY BY VULTURE CAPITALISTS AND A CORPORATE JUNTA: We’ll get a front line report from Flashpoints special correspondent, Judith Berken in San Juan: ALSO THE FLASHPOINT’S ELECTION CRIMES BULLETIN returns, as Greg Palast confronts the vote thieves … Continued