Day Two of Our Front-Line Coverage of the Month Long UFW Pilgrimage for Worker and Human Rights.

Today on the show: Day two of our front-line coverage of the month long UFW Pilgrimage for worker and human rights: And we’ll feature a powerful new edition of our  Election Crimes Bulletin(ECB): Tonight Greg Palast takes a deep dive into the right wing mind hole of Alex Jones. Palast has been there before and … Continued


Peace Groups Were in the Streets of San Francisco and Other Cities Across the Country Outraged by Speaker Pelosi’s Provocative Visit to Taiwan

Today on the Show: A bevy of peace groups were in the streets of San Francisco and other cities across the country, last night, outraged by Speaker Pelosi’s provocative visit to Taiwan: Also we’ll take a deeper look at the region with James Bradley author of  The China Mirage: The Hidden History of American Disaster … Continued

Today on the show: We’ll rebroadcast our interview with UFW president, Teresa Romero, on the upcoming pilgrimage for Farmworker Rights: Also remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the world moves dangerously close to a 21st century Nuclear Conflagration: And the US national Security state targets Black activist while often turning a blind eye to white supremacists. … Continued