WorkWeek looks at the systemic cover-up of corrupt testing at the San Francisco Hunters Point Shipyard and Treasure Island by Test America and Tetra Tech in collusion with San Francisco politicians. We hear from Test America quality assurance manager Mike Madry and OSHA lawyer and investigator Darrell Whitman who report on their retaliation by both … Continued

WorkWeek interviews Danny Weil about the growth of a campus fascist organization calling Turning Point USA which is funded by billionaires. He also discusses the role of the Trump administration and Betsy DeVos in supporting these racist and reactionary political groups. Additional media:…ight-connections Workweek-radio – Ww1-22-18-turning-point-usa-the-attack-on-aft-geo-local-6300-uiuc-ift-lecturer-tariq-kha…0d0d2cc83d266…AitnyWYxnlV8/edit…-Be-Named/238486…emic-freedom.html 3…a-professors.html…-Plan-for/240008 … Continued

Ronnie Levin, a former lead EPA scientist in charge of protecting communities and workers from contamination from lead in the United States talks about the growing attacks on the EPA and how this threatens communities and working people throughout the United States. Levin also discusses the health effects of lead contamination on people and children. … Continued

WorkWeek looks at the recent removal of IBT Western Region Vice President Rome Aloice after a hearing in which financial corruption and payoffs were exposed. He was also charged with retaliating against union members that wanted to run in his IBT 853 Local union elections. We interview IBT vice president John Palmer about what Aloice … Continued