December 19, 2017 – IAM Henkel Workers Honduras Repression and Hali Hammer

Members of International Association of Machinists Local 1584 on strike at Henkel Aerospace, Bay Point, California, Oct. 21, 2017. Safety is at the heart of the workers fight for a new contract.

WorkWeek examines the more than 60 day strike at Henkel Aerospace plant in Bay Point, California of 80 IAM 1584 operators. Scabs have been brought in by Strom Engineering and the company is trying to break the strike and the union.

We then hear about the growing repression and corrupt election in Honduras and the deaths of women and trade unionists.

Lastly, we talk with and hear the music of labor community troubadour hali Hammer. She sings about Trump and the fight for $15 an hour and talks about the role of musicians in the Trump era.
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