January 23, 2018 – Women March & AFGE Workers And The Shut Down


WorkWeek Radio first goes to the streets of San Francisco where tens of thousands of women, men and children were marching against the policies of Trump and the attacks on all working people January 20, 2018.
Next, WorkWeek interviews Eugene Hudson Jr. who is the Secretary Treasurer of the American Federation of Government Employees AFGE and David Fitzpatrick who is AFGE Eastern Regional Council President National Park Service. They discuss the effects of a Federal government shut down on workers and the public.
Lastly, WorkWeek looks at the downsizing of social security and how workers and the people who need social security are effected. We interview AFGE First VP Social Security who is AFGE First VP Social Security and Sylvia Norman who is AFGE Local 3172 President Social Security.
$500 million has been cut in the budget and this will have devastating effect on the public who need SSI and social security
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