January 2, 2018 – IBT VP Aloise Out-Report From SA NUMSA and IAM Henkel Victory

WorkWeek looks at the recent removal of IBT Western Region Vice President Rome Aloice after a hearing in which financial corruption and payoffs were exposed. He was also charged with retaliating against union members that wanted to run in his IBT 853 Local union elections. We interview IBT vice president John Palmer about what Aloice was accused of and what this means to the Teamsters and labor. He also discusses the failure of US labor to confront the attacks and challenges it faces.
Next, WorkWeek Radio hears a report on the plans for 2018 by South Africa National Union Of Metal Workers NUMSA. The union outlines the continued attacks it and the working class faces from the ANC and what issues it will take up for the working class in 2018.
Last, WorkWeek looks at the most important labor victory of 2017 where 80 IAM Henkel Aerospace operators wen on strike in Bay Point, California to protect their health and safety and were faced with a national union busting company Strom Engineering. They stayed strong, received tremendous support from the community in Bay Point and Pittsburg, reached out internationally particularly with a video about the conditions at the plant. They received support form European unions including where Henkel had unionized workers.
Eventually with a backlog of over $20 million and the workers becoming stronger the company capitulated and agreed to all the demands of the union as well as the complete removal of Strom Engineering from the property. It showed that workers have power and can beat major multi-nationals.

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