WorkWeek Radio hears from a Oakland Education Association OEA teacher fighting cutbacks and charter schools at the OUSD board meeting. Next, WorkWeek looks at the efforts to reform NAFTA by the AFL-CIO, Teamsters and other unions. President Trump has said he wants to make NAFTA better. We interview Alan Benjamin who is with the San … Continued

WorkWeek radio hears from teachers and parents who are fighting charters and privatization at the West Contra Costa School Board meeting on November 15, 2017. Over 500 teachers students and parents rallied against a Rocketship It was rejected by the board but many charters are coming into the district threatening public schools and leading to … Continued

WorkWeek looks at the privatization land grab at Laney college by the A’s owner John J. Fisher and also the proposed property development at the SF PUC owned Balboa Reservoir. Both projects would take public land that is needed by the community colleges for their students, staff and faculty. In Oakland, the owner of the … Continued

WorkWeek looks at the growing attack on healthcare workers from nurses at Kaiser to UC nurses, service and technical workers. Healthcare workers face massive understaffing, stress and threats against their benefits and conditions. Protests were held at both Kaiser in San Francisco and UCSF to warn of the growing dangers in healthcare. First, we hear … Continued

WorkWeek radio hears a report from NNU CNA RN Response Network members Erik Hoagland and Amy Bowen. They are in Texas offering medical care to the people hit by the flood. Next, WorkWeek looks at the efforts by the Hearst owned San Francisco Chronicle to ban employees including reporters from all political activity not sanctioned … Continued

KPFA Pacifica WorkWeek radio hears from the trade unionists and others who protested the growth of fascists and other racists nationally and in the Bay Area. We hear from people in SF and Berkeley. Next, WorkWeek Radio interviews Eugene Hudson Jr. who was ousted from his elected position of National Secretary Treasurer of the American … Continued