October 3, 2017 – Workweek Puerto Rico Labor and National Workers Conference Chicago To Organize Fightback


WorkWeek hears about a national workers conference in Chicago on October 6, 7 &8 sponsored by Ford UAW Local 551 and other unions and organization that will focus on the attack on workers in the US and how to fight back. We hear from Scott Houldierson, VP of UAW 551 and Al Rojas who is one of the founders of UFWA and the president of Labor Council For Latin American Advancement LCLAA in Sacramento. They discuss the need for labor to have a new strategy to fight back and also how NAFTA has been used to attack workers in the US and Mexico. They also discuss the concession bargaining and business unionism that dominates the US trade union movement.
Next, WorkWeek looks at the major crisis in Puerto Rico and the role of the US and multi-nationals in exploiting the country. We interview Daniel Vila who is a labor organizer in the United States and also has been involved in defending Puerto Rican unions. He also is a host of New York Pacifica WBAI La Voz Latina.
He discusses the role of US multi-nationals and the drive to privatize the entire economy including education, healthcare, water and energy.
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