September 5, 2017 – NNU Flood Relief SF Chron Hearst Ban and BAAQMD Whistleblowers

WorkWeek radio hears a report from NNU CNA RN Response Network members Erik Hoagland and Amy Bowen. They are in Texas offering medical care to the people hit by the flood.
Next, WorkWeek looks at the efforts by the Hearst owned San Francisco Chronicle to ban employees including reporters from all political activity not sanctioned by management. We interview Henry Norr who was a tech reporter at the Chronicle and was retaliated against and fired for his political activity. He discusses how the Hearst management uses the ban to target political activists and silence and intimidate CWA Pacific Media Workers journalists.
Last, WorkWeek looks at the failure of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to properly monitor and control the toxins and chemicals that are being sent into the air. We interview former Cal-OSHA Medical Director Dr. Larry Rose. We also look at the executive management of the agency’s retaliation against whistleblowers BAAQMD Michael Bachmann who along with Sara Steele were in charge of protecting the pollution control records and documents. They were bullied and fired by the BAAQMD executives when they protested that legal and other critical documents were being illegally destroyed by the District. We talk with their lawyer Gary Williams who discusses the importance of the case to whistleblowers and the public.
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