November 21, 2017 – The Crimes of Trump’s OSHA Nominee FedEx VP Scott Mugno & UTR Teachers On Charters

WorkWeek radio hears from teachers and parents who are fighting charters and privatization at the West Contra Costa School Board meeting on November 15, 2017. Over 500 teachers students and parents rallied against a Rocketship It was rejected by the board but many charters are coming into the district threatening public schools and leading to co-locations.
Next, WorkWeek radio interviews former OSHA Whistleblower Protection

Program investigator and lawyer Darrell Whitman. Whitman who was targeted by OSHA management after he began to investigate workers who were making health and safety complaints at FedEx and other companies. Whitman says that he was attacked by the FedEx lawyer and his manager then attacked him for doing his job. He says that under Scott Mugno who has been nominated by president Trump there have been 169 fatalities at FedEx ground. Whitman says nominating Mugno is like “putting a maniac in charge of your facility.”
WorkWeek then interviews Gary Brent who was a FedEx driver trainer and whose job was to educate drivers about health and safety. According to Brent he was targeted by FedEx for trying to make the company follow OSHA rules. He also reports that OSHA officials were in collusion with FedEx to cover-up serious health and safety problems at the company.
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