November 28, 2017 – “Reforming” NAFTA, Cutbacks At OUSD and OEA and IAM Henkel Strike

WorkWeek Radio hears from a Oakland Education Association OEA teacher fighting cutbacks and charter schools at the OUSD board meeting.

Next, WorkWeek looks at the efforts to reform NAFTA by the AFL-CIO, Teamsters and other unions. President Trump has said he wants to make NAFTA better. We interview Alan Benjamin who is with the San Francisco Labor Council and is organizing a Binational conference to Cancel NAFTA, end the wall and build solidarity links between US and Mexican Workers. We also interview John Palmer who is the International Vice President of the Teamsters Union.
Next, we hear about the strike of eighty four IAM 1584 workers at the Henkel Aerospace company in Bay Point. A temporary worker before they were unionized was pulled into a machine and killed and the workers decided that it was time to have a union to protect their health and safety. They joined the IAM and got a union contract and voted to go out on strike on October 16, 2017 for their second contract. Henkel is a German multi-national and brought in the professional strike breaking Strom Engineering to replace the union workers with scabs. They are now spending millions of dollars to break the union.
The same company also helped train 7500 scab mechanics at Northwest Airlines which had a strike by the IAM mechanics which was broken.

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