February 20, 2018 – OSHA Whistleblowers And Hunters Point Shipyard Cover-up

WorkWeek looks at the systemic cover-up of corrupt testing at the San Francisco Hunters Point Shipyard and Treasure Island by Test America and Tetra Tech in collusion with San Francisco politicians.
We hear from Test America quality assurance manager Mike Madry and OSHA lawyer and investigator Darrell Whitman who report on their retaliation by both the company and the management of OSHA.
WorkWeek also interviews Dr. Ray Tomkins who developed tests for the community of toxins and Mary Radcliff the publisher of San Francisco Bayview newspaper which has been the most important newspaper in the country on this systemic cover-up and serious health issues in the community.
Dr. Tomkins also discusses how proper testing was thwarted by San Francisco City and State officials. This also included former SF DA Kamala Harris who is now a US Senator from California, former Mayor Gavin Newsom who is running for governor, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Congresswomen Barbara Lee.

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Workweek-radio – Ww2-17-15-osha-whistleblower-from-testamerica-michael-madry-interviewed
Workweek-radio – Ww-2-24-15-osha-whistleblowers-and-corruption-with-whitman
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