January 9, 2018 – Rail Safety Wrecks 1 Person Crews and KPFA Pacifica Crisis And Future

WorkWeek Radio hears from speakers at a rally at the San Francisco Canadian consulate who are demanding the dropping of charges against two Canadian railway workers Tom Harding and Richard Labrie in Quebec for the death of 47 people in the town of Lac-Mégantic. The 67 car train was filled with fuel that exploded and created massive destruction and havoc. The train only had one person as a result of the corporate downsizing and deregulation by the Canadian government.
WorkWeek then interviews John Risch who is the SMART National Legislative Director of the SMART Transportation Division and works on health and safety issues in the rail industry. He discusses the systemic problems that are leading to railroad wrecks.
Next, we look at the crisis at Pacifica Foundation and KPFA with Tom Vorhees who is a building of micro and full power radio stations and is on the KPFA local station board. He was also involved in establishing the independent media center in Seattle, Washington to expose the WTO and break the information blockade.

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Railroad Workers United
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